As an actor, Joe has been seen on Stage, Film and Television.   Joe’s career as a performer, started at the tender of age 6 when he announced to his mother that he sang in the school library today.  When she asked, “Oh really, what did you sing.”  He replied, “My Ding-a-ling”.  From there, Joe could often be seen at weddings singing “Joy to the World” aka “Jeremiah was a Bullfrog” or belting out, “Consider Yourself” or “Rock-a-bye your baby (with a Dixie Melody)” at his grade school spring fling.  
He stopped singing because it wasn’t cool until he hit 9th grade and was asked by the Spanish teacher to audition for the school musical because she heard that he sang.  Well, that musical was “45 Minutes from Broadway” and his life was never the same.  He would work wherever he could.  Including, playing a tormenter in “Jesus Christ Superstar” at playhouse on the mall in Paramus New Jersey!
Eventually, he moved to New York City and has been working professionally for the past 25 years.